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The 3DO Interactive Multiplayer is a video game consoles released in 1993 by Panasonic, Sanyo and Goldstar accordingly to specifications created by The 3DO Company. The console had very advanced hardware features at the time: 32-bit main processor, two video co-processors and two other processors. It used CD-ROMs as a game media. The console was also able to play audio CDs, view Photo CDs and Video CDs. It was one of few CD-based consoles that had neither regional lockout nor copy protection. Despite all these features, due to high price and several other reasons, the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer
was unable to compete with its more successful rivalries, released at the time by Nintendo, Sega, SNK, Commodore. Soon after release of the Sony PlayStation (that forced out of the market many other consoles also) the 3DO system was discontinued (1995).
The M2 console, that was developed by 3DO company as a successor to 3DO Interactive Multiplayer, was never brought to market and company abandoned the console business. For several years afterwards it was publishing games for other companies' consoles. In 2003 the company bankrupted and ceased its existence.

3DO Interactive Multiplayer CDs can be played on PC using FreeDO emulator (see instructions below).



Title: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S
Genre: fighting
Company: Bandai
Release date: 1995
Platform: 3DO Interactive Multiplayer

This game is a fighting, featuring nine Sailor senshi (Sailor Saturn is not present) and based off Sailor Moon S season. It uses all powerful capabilities of 3DO and features beautiful graphics and animation. Each senshi has a set of special attacks. Virtual camera is zooming during battle, approaching the fighters and retreating from them. Opening intro combines sprite and 3D animation. By selecting the bottommost option (in the main menu) you can read personal information about Sailor senshi.

Click here to download a zip archive with high-quality scans of all 28 pages of the game manual plus CD box back cover (3.66 MB). All scans are thanks to Andreani Xavier

This game is rather rare. , Yahoo! Japan auctions and ebay are possible choices to buy it.



Opening: 3do-opening.avi (11.13 MB)



..\music\ (27.7 MB) (provided by Neko)



The archive below (split into ten parts) contains an image of the game CD (iso + cue). After downloading all parts and placing into the same folder, unpack them using WinRAR program. The image can be either burned to a CD or played directly. The full size of archive is 298 MB.

FreeDo emulator requires two additional files: fz10_rom.bin (bios) and so-called ASPI (chances are that you have this ASPI already somewhere in your Windows directory). You can download fz10_rom.bin here (565 KB):

For ASPI I used wnaspi32.dll. (try Google search for it). Note also, that if you download the last version of FreeDo (FreeDo17WIP.rar), it comes without necessary dll-files, so you'll have to download also one of previous versions of the emulator to get these files (libmmd.dll etc.). Well, after you have all these files in the same directory as FreeDo.exe, double click it and browse for bios file. After this, click 'file'>'open iso' and open iso-file of the game (3do-bssm.iso). Finally, click 'CPU'>'start'. The game must start here.

(Note: emulation with FreeDo is not perfect - sometime the game slows down, sound is a bit reverberated and gargled. But otherwise it is working fine).

sm-3do.part01.rar (32.00 MB)
sm-3do.part02.rar (32.00 MB)
sm-3do.part03.rar (32.00 MB)
sm-3do.part04.rar (32.00 MB)
sm-3do.part05.rar (32.00 MB)
sm-3do.part06.rar (32.00 MB)
sm-3do.part07.rar (32.00 MB)
sm-3do.part08.rar (32.00 MB)
sm-3do.part09.rar (32.00 MB)
sm-3do.part10.rar (9.85 MB)