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The Sega Game Gear is a handheld game console and was Sega's response to Nintendo's Game Boy. The system was released in Japan on October 6, 1990. It was released in North America and Europe in 1991 and in Australia in 1992. Although its color backlit screen and ergonomic design made it technically superior to the Game Boy, the Game Gear did not manage to take over a significant share of the market.
 The Game Gear, however, did better than other portable systems that tried to compete with the Game Boy, such as the preceding Atari Lynx. Support of this system ended in 1997.

One of the many Game Gear emulators is Emukon. Of course, you can use any other if you want.



Title: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S
Genre: platform game
Company: Bandai
Release date: 01/27/1995
Platform: Sega Game Gear

At the game's start you have a choice between two playable characters: Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon. Sailor Moon is weaker than Sailor Chibi Moon, while Sailor Chibi Moon can destroy most enemies with one kick it takes Sailor Moon two kicks. Once Sailor Moon becomes Super Sailor Moon she is equal in strength to Sailor Chibi Moon. Sailor Chibi Moon can crawl into pipes, Sailor Moon cannot. If you hold the attack button (which powers up the power meter) Sailor Moon will throw her tiara; if you do this with Sailor Chibi Moon she will do her Pink Sugar Heart Attack. There are special power-ups which allow Sailor Moon to do a heart attack once instead of throwing her tiara. These power-ups look like Moon Rods. Also if you win the mini-game after a stage you get some of these power-ups.

The game consists of five levels, each of them has three sub-levels. During a level you can collect the talismans (Space Sword, Aqua Mirror and Garnet Orb). If you collect all three, Sailor Moon will turn into Super Sailor Moon at the level's end (before fight with a boss). Even though Sailor Chibi Moon must also collect the three talismans, they do nothing for her. Remember your Super Sailor Moon transformation will not carry over to the next stage. In the stage before you might have been Super Sailor Moon but in the new stage you're back to being Sailor Moon and searching for the three talismans again.

The first level's boss is Eudial. She will jump into air and throw little energy charges in you but there are no difficulties avoiding them. After beating her you can play a mini game (there is a mini game after each level. A certain senshi will explain you the rules before each mini-game).

Mini-game: Spinning Wheel Game. You must match the picture of the Sailor who is in the picture box with the one on the spinning wheel. To do this you must stop the wheel so that the pointer is pointing to them. It takes some practice but eventually you can learn the correct time at which to stop the wheel so that it points to the Sailor you need.

The second level's boss is Mimete. Her behavior is very similar to that of Eudial with the only difference that she will attack you with energy charges shaped as musical notes (four charges at once).

Memory Game. There are four floors each with four doors, you reach each floor by riding an elevator in the middle of the screen. One of the Sailors will be behind the door (this includes the Outer Planet Senshi and Tuxedo Mask). You'll have to find a matching Sailor. If you find a little Tuxedo Mask behind one of the doors, he will run off screen and you will win the game automatically.

The third level's boss is Viluy. She will use her special attack (Mosaic Buster?) each time she is near you. So try to hit her before this (after each hit recieved she will return to her side of the screen).

This level mini game is a Sailor Moon quiz. You are asked several multiple choice questions pertaining to the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon series. Guess what, they're in Japanese.

The fourth level's boss is Tellu. She will attack you herself and drop energy balls from the top of the screen (you must stand between falling balls to avoid them).

The Luna-P race. The object of this game is to keep Luna-P between Artemis and Luna without touching them. This is done by pressing the attack and jump buttons. The attack button moves you forward and the jump button moves you back. You win by reaching the goal without having touched Artemis or Luna.

The fith level's boss is Cyprine & Ptilol. Each time you hit one of them, she will jump off the screen and the other one will appear from the opposite side of the screen. You must be ready to meet her. After beating them you will fight with Kaolinite (without a break). She teleports constantly and your main task is to hit her at the moment she appears after each teleport.


GAME MUSIC (29.3 MB) (provided by Neko) - download an archive with high-quality scans of all 28 pages of the game manual plus game box & cartridge cover (3.18 MB). All scans are thanks to Andreani Xavier

Download the game (263 KB).