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PC Engine was a video game console released by NEC, a Japanese company, in 1987. TurboGrafx-16 is the US version of the PC-Engine, released in 1989. It was the first videogame system to use the CD's for games. From then on, the CD became the standard media for videogames. At first, the new video game console was extremely popular in Japan. Later it lost ground to the Super Famicom and in 1998 NEC finally abandoned the video games industry.
If only you do not have an original console, Magic Engine is probably the best PC emulator for PC-Engine CD's, and it can be used to play both PC-Engine Sailor Moon games.



Title: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
Genre: interactive story
Company: Banpresto
Release date: 08/05/1994
Platform: PC-Engine

At the game's start a player will be offered a choice between Usagi, Minako, Rei, Makoto and Ami. Each of them have a separate story. A story is presented to a player by sequence of animated scenes and text dialogues. Sometimes mini games are also available. On the whole, for better understanding of this game, a knowledge of Japanese language is recommended.

Click pictures below to view them full-size (256x224 pixels)



The best place to buy the game is probably ebay. That's where I have got my copy of the game and where from I encourage everyone to buy it. Download of the game is available below.



The archive below (split into ten parts) contains an image of the game CD (nrg). After downloading all parts and placing into the same folder, unpack them using WinRAR program. The image can be either burned to a CD (using, e.g., Nero Burning Rom program or played directly (using an utility working with nrg-images). The full size of archive is 259 MB.

pce_bssm.part01.rar  (26.7 MB)
pce_bssm.part02.rar  (26.7 MB)
pce_bssm.part03.rar  (26.7 MB)
pce_bssm.part04.rar  (26.7 MB)
pce_bssm.part05.rar  (26.7 MB)
pce_bssm.part06.rar  (26.7 MB)
pce_bssm.part07.rar  (26.7 MB)
pce_bssm.part08.rar  (26.7 MB)
pce_bssm.part09.rar  (26.7 MB)
pce_bssm.part10.rar  (19.0 MB)



Click here to download a zip archive with scans of all pages (approximately 1420x700 pixels/300dpi) from the game's manual + CD box cover and spin card (1.97 MB).


GAME MUSIC (80.7 MB) (provided by Neko)



Click the link to view a scan of advertisement for Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon PC-Engine game

sm_ad02.jpg (281 KB)

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