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Title: 美少女戦士セーラームーンSuperS セーラームーンとはじめてのえいご
English title: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon SS: Sailor Moon to Hajimete no Eigo
Genre: educational game for learning English
Company: Bandai
Release date: 1995
Platform: Playdia
Description: the game is focused on learning English language through different mini-games. The player assumes the role of Chibiusa. The game is split into five or six days, during each of them you will have a meeting with one out of the five Sailor senshi. Sometimes there is an additional day with special events. The main goal of each mini-game is not winning, but learning new English words, so you'll progress through them disregardful of the fact if you are winning or losing. Each day you can meet one of girls via getting a phone call asking for a meeting, getting mail, or they can visit you personally. If during "alphabet song" you press "right" button you skip to additional menu allowing you to play games with any senshi you wish without schedule and without meeting intro.

You will be riding through a zoo, meeting different animals. You must press correct buttons when asked to turn on road junctions. The game has two built-in mini games: seal show, where you can pick an action for a seal to show, and monkey circus, where you help a monkey to perform acrobatic moves.

You have to help Usagi to find a gift she prepared for Mamoru but stored somewhere. You pick different items and can read their names in English. There are two mini-games: learning names for body parts and picking clothes for Usagi.

You have to help Mako cooking curry by picking correct ingredients; second game is similar to Usagi's birday game, but this time you must help Mako to find a cup in the kitchen; third game - learning colors - Mako will give you color plates and you must sort them into boxes with corresponding colors; fourth game - making cocktail, you can choose ingredients for it.

You will learn most common polite phrases ("Sorry", "Good Morning", etc.). You will walk through Juuban shopping area and can visit several shops; this game has two endings - in one you visit sick Umino in a hospital and in another you help to find a dog. Mini-game: while visiting ice-cream shop you must move a cone to catch ice-cream.

Black Widow card game - you should pick one card out of several offered, if you end up with Devil card, you lose; other cards have different items with their names written in English; Bowling game - you play bowling, this game basically teaches you to count to ten; Arcade machine game - you must shoot using light gun and can win several accessories as prizes.

Special event:
If you get the sixth day during a game (it's generated randomly) you will visit theatre or karaoke and then - Fruit Parlor Crown, where you can order some sweets.

The only way to play this game is to buy an actual Playdia console. Below you can download scanned game booklet and videos (recorded from Playdia console) showing the whole game play. All scans are provided by Andreani Xavier. All game play videos are recorded by Anton Ptitsyn.



Gameplay videos:
hajimete_no_eigo_intro.avi (17.4 MB)

hajimete_no_eigo_ami1.avi (51.4 MB)
hajimete_no_eigo_ami2.avi (58.6 MB)
hajimete_no_eigo_mako.avi (52.9 MB)
hajimete_no_eigo_minako.avi (63.4 MB)
hajimete_no_eigo_rei1.avi (38.3 MB)
hajimete_no_eigo_rei2.avi (48.6 MB)
hajimete_no_eigo_usagi1.avi (41.5 MB)
hajimete_no_eigo_usagi2.avi (33.7 MB)

hajimete_no_eigo_event1.avi (33.5 MB)
hajimete_no_eigo_event2.avi (40.5 MB)
hajimete_no_eigo_ending.avi (17.9 MB)

Game booklet + CD Covers: (10.4 MB)