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Title: 美少女戦士セーラームーンSuperS セーラームーンとひらがなレッスン!
English title: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon SuperS: Sailor Moon to Hiragana Lesson
Genre: educational game for learning hiragana
Company: Bandai
Release date: 1995
Platform: Playdia
Description: The game has seven stages: five educational stages and two challenges (tests). The goal of the game is learning hiragana. From the main menu you can go to any out of the five senshi stages, Tuxedo Mask challenge or Lemur challenge (Lemures to taiketsu). In order to pass the Tuxedo Mask stage you must get "5" score. Lower score will return you to one of the senshi stages and then back to Tuxedo Mask until you pass it. Once you pass the Tuxedo Mask stage you go to the Lemur stage (which can also be accessed from the main menu without completing previous stages).

Sailor Moon stage: You will be shown a table with all hiragana letters. Controlling a UFO-like unit you can select any letter and will be shown how to write it, pronounce, and one word example. You can continue this mini-game as long as you want or end it at any time by pressing "A" button. Next you will be learn to discern several hiragana that look similar (such as "ね" and "れ"). ぱいなげげーむ (pie throwing game): you will be shown two hiragana, and then a robot throws a pie with a hiragana letter written on it. While the pie flies (around two seconds) you should press correct button. If you make a mistake, the pie will hit your face, otherwise you catch it. After the game you have an option to repeat it or proceed to the next stage ("あそぶ" and "あそばない" respectively). The same option will be offered after each "main" senshi mini-game.

Sailor Venus stage: Minako will show you several examples of homophones, such as "飴" "雨" (rain and candy; both are pronounced as "ame"), palindromes ("きつつき"), as well as some examples of words changing meaning due to adding more letters in the end or in the beginning. Mini-game: ききゅうですごろくげーむ (kanji and katakana are always spelled in hiragana, since it's a hiragana learning game) - Balloon Sugoroku Game. Sugoroku is a game where you throw a dice and then move your piece according to the result. Depending on what position you get, you can get several items in your balloon's basket, lowering your aircraft close to the water level, or throw them out, raising it. If your balloon touches the water, you lose. You can also lose at once if you don't win one of several mini-games you encounter on your way. Beating the whole sugoroku largely depends on luck.

Sailor Mars stage: Rei will explain you some basic rules for pronouncing hiragana with added dakutens and youons. しりとりおかいものげーむ (Shiritori Shopping Game): shiritori is a game where you have to say a word starting with the same kana that was in the end of previous game. You'll see a table with pictures of several items and should pick the ones with correct names.

Sailor Jupiter stage: Mako will teach you several onomatopoeia words. After that you can learn a few Japanese adjectives. きせかえめいくあっぷげーむ (Kisekae Make-up Game). Kisekae is basically a dressing game. Mako will say you an adjective describing some item (e.g., "yellow hat"), and then you should dress Chibiusa using that item.

Sailor Mercury stage: Ami will teach you several verbs and prepositions. ふわふわしゃぼんげーむ (Soft Soap Game): controlling a water hose moving from left to right, you have to burst one out of the three bubbles that contain prepositions inside and thus drop the word on the board floating below. If you pick a wrong bubble, the preposition inside bursts together with the bubble.

Tuxedo Mask stage: this is a test of your knowledge of hiragana, learned in previous stages. You will be asked several questions and have three possible answers to each. Your score depends on quantity of correct answers. If your final score is too low, you will be returned to one of senshi stages to improve your knowledge before trying to pass the test again.

Lemures to taiketsu stage: The lemur you have to beat has two forms: larva and imago. First you should attack the lemur when she shows from behind rocks, making sure you don't hit accidentally the crystal she sometimes holds in hands. After five hits the lemur starts to fly and you have to hit one more time pressing "B" button when crosshair and the lemur meet. Once defeated, the lemur evolves into her imago form. Sailor Moon and Chibimoon confront her again and have to pass another hiragana knowledge test. This is the most difficult challenge in the game, since you have to answer ten questions in a row, and can't make a single mistake. One mistake will return you to beginning of the test, and failing the test three times, you'll have to start the whole stage anew.

The only way to play this game is to buy an actual Playdia console. Below you can download video (recorded from Playdia console) showing the whole game play. The game play videos are recorded by Anton Ptitsyn.



Booklet + CD box cover: (3.85 MB) (scans are provided by Nicsailor)

Gameplay video:
sailor_moon_to_hiragana_lesson.avi (815 MB)