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Title: 美少女戦士セーラームーンS クイズ対決! セーラーパワー結集!!
English title: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S: Quiz Taiketsu! Sailor Power Kesshuu!!
Genre: quiz
Company: Bandai
Release date: 1994
Platform: Playdia
Description: Professor Tomoe creates a new daimon - Quiz, who steals the heart crystal from another victim. She also resurrects several enemies defeated in the past by Sailor senshi: Garoben, Murido, Oniwabandana, Haikyuun, and Ryuakusu. In order to defeat them, the senshi must beat (with more than 50% of correct answers) five quizzes. Successful passing of a quiz will be rewarded by a picture which serves as a password to hideout of daimon Quiz. Once you have collected all five pictures, you can unlock five doors and meet daimon Quiz in the final challenge of the game.

Each quiz mini-game consists of 20 questions and divided into two parts: once you pass the first 10 questions, you'll see anime fragment with transformation of the senshi you are currently playing as. Next ten question will have four possible answers instead of three. After passing 20 questions, you'll see the senshi attacking and eliminating the enemy who challenged her to a quiz. After passing 10 questions against daimon Quiz, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune join the battle and attack the daimon. After 20 questions Sailor Moon eliminates her and Sailor senshi return the stolen heart crystal to the victim.

The only way to play this game is to buy an actual Playdia console. Below you can download video (recorded from Playdia console) showing the whole game play.



Booklet + CD box cover: (16.6 MB)

Gameplay video:
quiz_taiketsu_1.avi (357 MB)
quiz_taiketsu_2.avi (209 MB)