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Title: 美少女戦士セーラームーンSuperS ようこそ!セーラーようちえん
English title: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon SuperS: Youkoso! Sailor Youchien
Genre: educational game
Company: Bandai
Release date: August 1995
Platform: Playdia
Description: Playing as Chibiusa, you attend elementary school, where Sailor senshi will teach you different educational lessons. Each game consists of three lessons. Each lesson is taught by one out of the five senshi and consists of two mini-lessons (games). Order of lessons is generated randomly. Sometimes (also randomly) instead of regular lesson 3 you will have a special event - celebration with cake or outdoor work. Also, from time to time there are special mini-events between lessons, like folding origami, getting a bonus card, taking care about plants and animals. After completing all three lessons you can press B button and start the game anew. Before going to the school you will be offered a choice of four items you can put into your bag (it's unclear if they affect gameplay or not).

Description of mini-games: Sailor Mercury has only two games, so they are always the same; Sailor Mars has four games, and the rest - three: one of them is always the same, and the second one is picked randomly;

Sailor Moon:
Angel/Devil game: you will see images of good (Angel) and bad (Devil) kids randomly rotated on screen and have to press B to pick one of them. If you pick Angel you will see an example of good behavior, and if you pick Devil - an example of wrong behavior, and then an example of correct behavior in similar situation by Angel kid;
Correct phrase game: you will be asked about phrase applicable to a certain situation ("Hello", "Sorry", "Good Night", etc.) and then shown four choices of situations, and must pick one of them.
Teeth brushing game: you will see a picture of teeth and bacteria-like kid walking on them. In the bottom part of the screen there are randomly rotated pictures; when you see teeth paste, you must press B to eliminate bacteria guy. If you accidentally press B when there is an image of candy shown, the bacteria guy will steal it and thus you will help him to corrupt teeth. You must eliminate three bacteria guys in limited amount of time in order to win.

Sailor Mercury:
Basket game: you will have to press direction buttons when you see a ball above one of them in order to throw ball into basket. Sailor Mercury will be playing, too, so depending on your score you can either beat her or lose;
Clock game: first, you will be shown hour-by-hour Chibiusa's activities during a day (from 7 A.M. until 8 P.M.) and then you will have to set arrows on a clock to show time said to you by Sailor Mercury. The game basically teaches you how to determine time by arrow clock.

Sailor Mars:
Bremen musicians mini-theatre: Sailor Mars makes a mini-theatre telling the Bremen musicians tale; later you will be asked a question to check how carefully you listened to it;
Sing-along game: this can be one out of three songs (with bear, frogs, or drawing a picture); it's unclear if you should just sing along or press buttons to match tune, though.

Sailor Jupiter:
Correct tool game: you will have to pick a correct item to match another one (sticks for drum, pencil for notebook, etc.);
Crosswalk safety game: you walk through the city and should stop on crossroads if you see red traffic signal and continue walking on green signal; on crossroads without traffic lights you should make sure there are no cars on the crossing road.
Correct group game: you will be shown an item/animal and must choose what group/department it belongs to (like spoon belonging to utensils, dog belonging to animals, etc.)

Sailor Venus:
Missing piece game: you will be shown a simple shape (heart, square, senshi symbol) split in two parts, one of them is present already, and you have to pick the missing part out of three choices offered;
Card memory game: you will be shown four cards with shapes, then cards are turned over and you must pick by heart the one with the shape matching one shown in the bottom row; there is another version of this game with shape to be picked not shown but pronounced;
Guess item by shadow: you will be shown three views of an item (front, top, side) as shadows, and then will have to guess what item it was.



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