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The Sega Saturn is a 32-bit video game console. It was released on November 22, 1994 in Japan, and May 1995 in North America. The Saturn was actually a powerful machine for the time, with two CPUs and 6 other processors. It was rushed to the market just a few weeks ahead of its rival, Sony's PlayStation. By 1996, while remaining competitive in Japan, the Saturn had fallen far behind the PlayStation and Nintendo 64 in North America and Europe. The efforts of Sega to get the jump on the next generation of systems ahead of their competitors have turned into the Dreamcast.
But it also was one out of many reasons to speed up the downfall of the Saturn. A chain reaction of new games' cancellations in 1997-1998 and in the late 1998 Saturn was discontinued.

Be careful in choosing a Sega Saturn emulator; some ones correctly work with intro and menu screens but freeze the game right after level's start (e.g. Cassini Sega Saturn emulator). The emulator that I use myself  and that works perfectly with this game is SSF (among other places it can be found at )



Title: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Super S: Various Emotion
Genre: fighting
Company: Angel Studios
Release date: 11/29/1996
Platform: Sega Saturn

This game is a 3D fighting, based off Sailor Moon (SuperS) and featuring ten Sailor senshi: Super Sailormoon, Sailormercury, Sailormars, Sailorvenus, Sailorjupiter, Sailorpluto, Sailoruranus, Sailorneptune, Sailorsaturn and Super Sailorchibimoon. Each senshi has a set of special moves, that can be trained previously in training mode. There also exists a version of this game for Sony Playstation: Sailor Moon SuperS Shin Shuyaku Soudatsusen. Though these two games are  versions of the same game for different platforms, there are many differences.

Being released on one of the most powerful machines of the time, Sega Saturn, this game features unmatched graphics, animation and sound part. Apart from combat itself, the game has movie clips, that Sony Playstation version hasn't (the picture above of Usagi frowning is there from). - Download a zip archive with high-quality scans of all pages of the game manual + CD box cover and spin card (4.83 MB). (40 KB) - Guide in English language explaining attacks in the game.



All videos are taken from the game CD and converted from *.cpk to *.avi format using Total Video Converter. Translations are provided by sasumiofjp from

C08_MERC.avi (3.52 MB)
C09_MARS.avi (3.62 MB)
C10_JUPI.avi (3.66 MB)
C11_VENS.avi (3.84 MB)
C12_URNS.avi (3.65 MB)
C13_NEPT.avi (3.78 MB)
C14_PLUT.avi (3.66 MB)
C15_SATN.avi (3.72 MB)
C16_MOON.avi (3.82 MB)
C17_CIBI.avi (3.57 MB)

E02_MOON.avi (11.1 MB)
E03_MERC.avi (6.50 MB)
E04_MARS.avi (6.65 MB)
E05_JUPI.avi (5.16 MB)
E06_VENS.avi (11.4 MB)
E07_CIBI.avi (8.69 MB)

ENDING.avi (15.5 MB)
OP.avi (23.1 MB)
V01.avi (44.5 MB) subtitles: (3.20 KB)



The archive below contains nrg-image of the game CD. After downloading, unpack it from archive (you will need WinRAR program). It can be either burned to a CD or played using a virtual CD-drive (one of the best and simplest programs for creating virtual CD-drives is Daemon Tools. It can be downloaded for free from here: ).
The full size of archive with the game CD image is 319 MB.

Step-by-step guide to starting the game:

1. After downloading all parts of the CD archive, click any of them with right mouse button and select "extract here" (assuming that you have WinRAR installed already). You will see "sm_saturn.nrg" file (567 MB); It's not important which one out the ten parts you click since they all are parts of the same image;
2. Download and install Daemon Tools
3. Start Daemon Tools (if it is not started already);
4. You will see program's icon in the bottom right corner of desktop; Click it with right mouse button, then select "Virtual CD/DVD-ROM" > "Device 0: [...] No media" > "Mount image"; in dialogue window browse for sm_saturn.nrg
5. Start the emulator (ssf.exe);
6. Click "Option(O)" > "Option(O)"; In "BIOS" field browse for Saturn Bios "EURO.BIN"; In "CD Drive" drop-down menu select virtual drive created by Daemon Tools;
7. Restart the emulator, the game will be loaded automatically.

sm_saturn.part01.rar (31.9 MB)
sm_saturn.part02.rar (31.9 MB)
sm_saturn.part03.rar (31.9 MB)
sm_saturn.part04.rar (31.9 MB)
sm_saturn.part05.rar (31.9 MB)
sm_saturn.part06.rar (31.9 MB)
sm_saturn.part07.rar (31.9 MB)
sm_saturn.part08.rar (31.9 MB)
sm_saturn.part09.rar (31.9 MB)
sm_saturn.part10.rar (31.5 MB)