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Counter Strike: Source is a popular multiplayer game developed by Valve Corporation in 2004. The game allows creation of different customizations and addons, player skins among others.

Natalya[AF] from Zombie Network  has developed several mods for Counter Strike: Source game. All player skins are server side models, so you can't install them by just copying files into folders. Installation instructions are below.

CS: Source torrent - Sailor Moon models were tested with this version of CS: Source only. If you have some other version, correct installation is not guaranteed.

Note: in order to enable third-person view and actually see your character, type in console:

sv_cheats 1
cam_idealyaw 0
cam_idealdist 96
cam_command 1


[1] Download MetaMod: Source (323 KB) [ download metamod.vdf: metamod.vdf ]
After unpacking the archive, place the "addons" folder into  "cstrike" directory. Place "metamod.vdf" into that "addons" folder.

[2] Download SourceMod (3.82 MB)
After unpacking the archive, place the "addons" and "cfg" folders into "cstrike" directory.

[3] Download Model Menu:
1. ModelMenu.smx
2. modelmenu.gamedata.txt
3. models.ini
4. modeldownloads.ini

Place "ModelMenu.smx" into cstrike\addons\sourcemod\plugins; place "modelmenu.gamedata.txt" into cstrike\addons\sourcemod\gamedata; place "models.ini" and "modeldownloads.ini" into cstrike\addons\sourcemod\configs. Note that the last two files are configured already for using the two Sailor Moon models by Natalya[AF].

[4] Install the models themselves. After unpacking archives you'll see two folders in each: "models" and "materials" (for Sailor Moon IV go to "Game Server" subfolder). Place them into your cstrike folder (click yes to pop-up menu asking for replacement of folders).

[5] Start the game and create server with any map. Bring up the console "~" key and type "sm_models" (without qoutes). Return to the game. In the left part of the screen you will see the new models menu [public skins > S.Sailor Moon 2 / Sailor Moon IV]. Your selection will be remembered so the next time you start the game, you'll have the selected skin by default.

Installation of the Moon Stick is more simple, and doesn't require all steps described above. After unpacking, just place "models" and "materials" folders into your "cstrike" folder. Knives for counter-terrorists and terrorists will be automatically replaced with the Moon Stick. If you get a consistency error, set sv_consistency to 0 on your server (or join a server with that parameter set to 0 if you are joining the game).

Moon Stick (489 KB)



[click thumbnails for full-size screenshots]

Super Sailor Moon 2 (665 KB)
Sailor Moon IV (2.62 MB)
Sailor Mercury & Sailor Mars (5.03 MB)
Sailor Jupiter & Sailor Venus (2.77 MB)
Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Pluto (3.76 MB)