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In order to install a stage, you must unpack a content of downloaded archive with a character into \stages subfolder of M.U.G.E.N. folder. Open select.def file (it can be found in \data subfolder) and in [ExtraStages] section type the path to a .def-file of new stage (E.g., for Hino Temple stage the line will look like this: "stages/hinotemple.def").

In order to install Banpresto Logo Sequence, extract blogo.def and blogo.sff to the Data folder, and change the logo.storyboard line in system.def to logo.storyboard = blogo.def

Banpresto Logo Sequence by Hello Millie
(it is a logo sequence and not a stage)

download (256 KB)

Hino Temple by Cadicle

download (753 KB)

Time-Space Corridor by Cadicle

download (744 KB)

Toquio de Cristal by ZiR

download (45.8 KB) chibimooncenario.ace

Crown Game Center and Osa-P by Kamek

download (784 KB)

Ginasio by ZiR

download (61.9 KB) mercuriocenario.ace

Reino Lunar by ZiR

download (56.1 KB) mooncenario.ace

Porto de Toquio by ZiR

download (52.5 KB) netunocenario.ace

Predio by ZiR

download (44.9 KB) plutaocenario.ace

Toquio de Ruinas by ZiR

download (56.5 KB) saturnocenario.ace

Beira Mar by ZiR

download (54.7 KB) uranocenario.ace

Juuban High School by ZiR

download (30.2 KB) venuscenario.ace

Silver Millennium by Claudillo

silver_millennium.rar (233 KB)

Crystal Tokyo by Claudillo

download (110 KB) crystal_tokyo.rar (110 KB)

North Pole by ZiR

download (130 KB) S_Moon_Polo_Norte.rar

Tokyo Port by ZiR

download (123 KB) smooncporto.rar

Tokyo Bridge by SailorSun

download (4.34 MB)


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