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NEC PC-9801

The NEC PC-9801 (PC-98) is a Japanese computer manufactured by NEC in 1982. The computer was popular among developers of video games, and several thousands of titles were released for this computer, especially numerous doujin games.

PC-9801 games, initially distributed on floppy disks, can be played on a PC using emulators. Most popular emulators are Anex98, T98-Next, and Neco Project II.

Neco Project II:



Title: Pretty Mahjong Soldier Mu
Genre: mahjong
Developed by: Apple Pie
Date: 1994
Platform: PC-98

Parody of Sailor Moon series. While walking in a street, Yukari sees several boys torturing a weird looking alien and saves him. She brings him home and heal his wounds. The alien transforms Yukari into Soldier Mu and says she should defeat several evil guys in the city by playing mahjong against them.

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Download the game (1.81 MB)



Title: Collon Club 3
Genre: quiz
Developed by: BTB
Date: 1993
Platform: PC-98
Quiz game where you'll have to open an image of a Sailor senshi by answering questions related to PC-9801 hardware and video games.

The game has timing issues - instead of waiting for you to press 1 or 0 to answer a question, it will automatically skip to the next question after one second. This issue might be related to PC-98 emulators.

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Download the game (588 KB)



Title: Sailor Senshi
Genre: turn-based strategy
Developed by: Toshio Satow
Date: 1993
Platform: PC-98
"Sailor Senshi" is a turn-based strategy. You control five inner Sailor senshi. During each turn you can move them or attack enemies (if they are within your reach). After defeating regular enemies you'll have to fight a boss. Each senshi has different statistics, for instance, Sailor Mars can move to longer distances, while Sailor Mercury can be moved to very short distances. Different surfaces (grass, rocks, etc.) influence the distance you can move. Between levels you'll see full screen doujin artwork of Sailor senshi.

The game is controlled via mouse (press F12 key in Neco Project II or Anex98 emulators to switch to mouse mode).

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Download the game (950 KB)



Title: Sailor Moon Donjyara
Genre: donjyara (?)
Developed by: Tsuyoshi Kutsuna
Date: 1993
Platform: PC-98
"Donjyara" seems to be a kind of Japanese game, similar to mahjong. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find rules for it anywhere. If you have any information about game rules, please contact me <gummario[at]>

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Download the game (370 KB)



Title: Oshioki!! Sailor Moon
Genre: puzzle
Developed by: Malice Club
Date: 1993
Platform: PC-98
This is a logic game. Your goal is to remove pieces from columns with the final goal to make your opponent (Usagi) to take the last piece. If you win, you'll see a hentai piece of artwork with Usagi.

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Download the game (970 KB)



Title: 美少女戦士セーラームーン特訓ギライな泣き虫うさぎ EZ
English title: Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon: Crybaby Usagi disliking hard study EZ
Genre: slot game
Developed by: An Soft
Date: 1993
Platform: PC-98
This is a slot game. You play as Usagi and your goal is to undress your opponent before she undresses you. In the center of the screen you will see images of different characters from the series randomly cycled. Pressing [space] or [enter] keys stops cycling. Each character gives a different score. If you have a higher score than your opponent, her HP will be reduced, otherwise your HP is reduced. The player with 0 HP loses.

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Download the game (1.35 MB)



Title: Urban Soldier
Genre: quiz - fighting
Developed by: Orange House
Date: 1994
Platform: PC-98
This is a quiz game with guest appearance of Sailor Mercury (on the whole the game is not related to Sailor Moon). You'll have to play quiz, and depending on your answers your character will fight at the same time. Sailor Mercury appears under name "Koino Minako". The game comes as hard drive image (.hdi). Load it by clicking "HardDisk" > "SASI # 1" > "Open".

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Download the game (2.26 MB)



Title: マーズスペシャル
English title: Mars Special
Genre: puzzle
Developed by: L.L.パレス (L.L. Paresu)
Date: August 16, 1992
Platform: PC-98
In this game you play as Nephrite and you'll have to grab plates arranged in several rows below, avoiding collisions with Sailor Mars and Tuxedo Mask. The game includes a gallery of images of Sailor Mars.

Download the game (520 KB)



Title: Kurunpa!
Genre: card game
Developed by: Circle InterFace
Date: 1995
Platform: PC-98
This is a card game. You'll have to form row of cards avoiding pushing any cards from the playing field. Each time your opponent clears a row or you push any card from the field your health bar decreases, and vice versa. After each round you will see pictures with the girls undressing.

Download the game (601 KB)



CG Gallery Volume 1 - Sailor Moon - collection of Sailor Moon erotic pictures (not a game) by B.T.B Software. Pictures come on a floppy disk image and must be loaded like a regular game. 
Do not use Neko Project II for it (not compatible).

Download (702 KB)