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Sailor Moon X is a Sailor Moon fighting game built by Posphsylocke [ contact: poshpsylocke[at] ] using Mugen engine. You can either download and play the whole game that, apart from characters, contains custom screens, menus, sounds, logos, etc., or download characters separately and install them manually for Mugen. In total there are 11 characters. Note that if you download the whole game, you do not need to download the characters additionally, since all of them are packed in the game archive already.

Author's website:

Download the game: sailormoonx.rar [3/24/2010 version]

Download characters separately:

Sailor Chibi Moon chibi.rar
Sailor Jupiter jupiter.rar
Sailor Mars mars.rar
Sailor Mercury mercury.rar
Sailor Moon moon.rar
Sailor Neptune neptune.rar
Sailor Pluto pluto.rar
Sailor Uranus uranus.rar
Sailor Venus venus.rar
Sailor Saturn saturn.rar
Emerald emerald.rar
Rubeus rubeus.rar
Zoisite zoicite.rar
Queen Beryl beryl.rar