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Title: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S: Kondowa Puzzle de Oshiokiyo!
Genre: puzzle
Company: Bandai
Release date: 07/15/1994
Platform: Super Nintendo

This game is a puzzle based on Sailormoon S season. There are a total of ten characters in the game. Depending on which character you choose, you will get a different special attack. You have to click on a group of two or more same colored blocks to make them disappear.

As you destroy the blocks, a bar on the left side of your screen will start to fill up. When you fill one fifth of the bar, you can perform your characters special (there are five levels of specials). If you destroy a lot of blocks at once, grey blocks will fall onto your opponentís area. These canít be matched up to be destroyed, but must be touching another group of blocks being destroyed. To win, you must either empty your own area of all blocks, or fill your opponentís area up to the top.

Download Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon S: Kondowa Puzzle de Oshiokiyo! (340 KB): Click here


GAME MUSIC (14.5 MB) (provided by Neko)


Click here to download a zip archive with scans of the game manual plus cartridge box and cartridge label scans (2.75 MB). All scans are thanks to Andreani Xavier