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Title: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S - Kurukkurin
Genre: puzzle
Company: Bandai
Release date: 02/24/1995
Platform: Super Nintendo

This game is a puzzle based on Sailormoon S season. There are ten characters available at first and two secret characters to unlock (Super Sailormoon and Sailorsaturn). Two game modes are present: story mode, where you'll have to beat all characters in succession and versus mode, where you can play against chosen character, controlled by computer or by other player. After game starts, you'll be controlling Luna, jumping over columns of hearts (your opponent control Artemis). When your cat touches a heart it changes into a colored heart (there are five colors) or a prize. Among prizes there are the ones giving you a possibility to perform super attacks, each senshi has her own attack. The game goal is to collect three talismans (they will appear from the top): a sword, a mirror and a jewelry before your opponent will do the same. The game has a password system (fourth menu item) so a player can return to position in story mode where he quit it.

Download Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon S - Kurukkurin (349 KB)


GAME MUSIC (20.7 MB) (provided by Neko) (2.83MB)
- download a zip archive with the game manual's scans plus cartridge box and cartridge label scans . All scans are thanks to Andreani Xavier