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Title: Moon Lights, Moon Lights 2
Genre: fighting
Developed by: 森本宇宙一 (Morimoto Uchuuichi)
Released: 1996-1997
Platform: Sharp X68000
Morimoto Uchuuichi was a Japanese company that developed several video games for X68000 computer and Windows 95.

Apart from Moon Soldier and Moon Lights, the site of Morimoto Uchuuichi contains information about only one other game - a fighting featuring characters from Tokimeki Memorial series. It looks like after producing these three games and selling them the company was closed, its site is not updated since 1998, though still online.

Image showing characters from Moon Lights 2: moonlights2.gif

Game play video for Moon Lights 2 (36.2 MB, flv format):

The screenshots are from Moon Lights 2. If you have any additional information about these games, please contact me <gummario[at]>

Below you can download Windows 95 version of Moon Lights 2. In order to run the game in Windows XP, right click the executable file, go to "compatibility" and check "run in compatibility mode for Windows 95" and "Run in 256 colors". Other versions of Windows may require different compatibility settings (not tested). "3VS3.EXE.bak" file in the archive is the original executable distributed on game CD. "3vs3.exe" is updated version downloaded from official website.

Download Moon Lights 2 Win 95 version (286 MB):