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Title: Dragonworld - Sailor Moon World
Genre: side-scrolling/fighting
Developed by: Tim Yep
Site: closed
Last version: 02/02/1997
Platform: Windows 95/98
The development of this game was started by Tim Yep ('Ty Drygon') in 1996.
He was a student at Mcgill University School of Computer Science then. The game is coded in Turbo Pascal 6.0 and built on so-called Drygon Worlds engine, that was developed by Tim Yep himself and handled four simultaneous players. This engine (not released) implied a possibility to add new characters, new levels, and new worlds in the game later (among other things Tim planned to bring in Dragonball Z characters to assist the Sailor Senshi during combat). Apart from Tim himself, other people participated in the project: Ethan Brodsky (sound code), Lee Hamel (keyboard code), Starfire, Rainy Day Man, Jenny and Prince Neptune. Accordingly to several opinions, Drygon Worlds engine was ahead of Tim's time.
As it was stated by Tim Yep, the game was made in part for the Support Our Sailors campaign.

After one year of work, completing 35% of the game, Tim Yep abandoned his work, releasing an incomplete beta of the game to the world, hoping that somebody will pick up the project and finish it. Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter, Luna, Artemis, (partially Sailor Mars) are playable in the beta. Accordingly to one report, Tim has lost an interest in computer science and decided to go into medicine later. Anyways, he never returned to his game afterwards. The beta version (split into ten separate parts) was available for download formerly at ( )
This site is closed long ago since then. The game was passed afterwards among owners of random Sailormoon sites, that allowed it to survive.

Download of the beta version is available.

The game can be run under Windows XP using DOSBox utility (free download is available here: ) After downloading and installing it, open folders with the game and with DOSBox. Drag Dragonworld Game executable (sailor.exe) with left mouse button and drop it into DOSBox executable (DOSBox.exe). After this the game works under Windows XP without any problems.

Download Dragonworld - Sailor Moon World by Tim Yep (1.95 MB)
Download game sprites (provided by Starfire) (1.85 MB)
Here are three pictures of artwork formerly available at Tim's website (click them to view):