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    While some Sailor Moon games enjoy rather stable popularity (like Super Nintendo ones), many other are known only to occasional enthusiasts. With a lapse of time this situation only aggravates and now one or two screenshots along with a couple lines of text on the Internet is often all that can be found about a particular Sailor Moon game. My aim is to collect all Sailor Moon games ever created by companies as well as by Sailor Moon fans, describe them and provide download wherever it will be possible in order to prevent any of them from being forgotten.

    "Moon games" section consists of  short articles about different Sailor Moon games, categorized into seven main subsections. Download is provided where possible and the link can be found then below game's description and screenshots. This section does not cover existing web-browser interpreted Sailor Moon games (e.g., written in JavaScript, JScript or VBScript). The reason for this is that these games for the most part are not intended by their authors for downloading and created for being playable only at their creators' web pages.

    Use the menu on the left to navigate through subsections of "moon games" section. SNES Sailor Moon games (actually belonging to "authorized games" section),  KiSS Sailor Moon dolls and hentai Sailor Moon games (both actually belonging to "fan created  games" section) are presented by separate menu items. "Fan-created" section includes finished games, developed by Sailor Moon fans (as opposed  to the ones developed by official companies - "authorized"). "Unfinished" subsection encompass all unfinished (abandoned) fan made games. Sailor Moon fan-created programs are also classified as games and can be found in respective sections (they are not so numerous so there is no reason in additional menu items).

    Check also the "development" menu item on the left for Sailor Moon video games in development.

    Finally, if you have difficulties running any Sailor Moon game out of present here you can feel free to email me with your questions (or post a topic on the Forum). If I'll be able, I try to help you.