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    Title: Sailor V game 1.22
    Genre: side-scrolling/shooter
    Developed by: Anton-P , RAMMAR
    Finished: April 13 2006 (version 1.22)
    Platform: Windows

    Developed with Game Maker 6.1 < >
    This game was created by Sailor Moon fans accordingly to screenshots of the actual Sailor V arcade game shown in the Sailor Moon anime (episodes 02, 08, 29, 31). Accordingly to Sailor V manga volume 2, Sailor V game arcade machine was brought into Game Center Crown by Artemis so that Minako could train her warrior skills.

    One of the main goals in development was to reconstruct Sailor V game as close to original as it is only possible. All Sailor V's movements, enemies, animations, backgrounds, music from the original game are included into this fan-made game.

    All enemies can be divided into two categories: enemies of fixed quantity and enemies appearing endlessly. The further into level the faster the last ones appear; it continues until the player gets a checkpoint. Your goal is to beat all levels and gain the maximum score.

    Sailor V game 1.2 has an online top 100 scores table. When you get any score, you can send it via Internet to the table and compete with other players for the first place in ranking.

    Here are two screenshots to compare. Screenshots on the left are from original Sailor V game, as it is shown in the anime, and the ones on the right are from fan-made game.
    Original game Sailor V game 1.22
    Scoring: The following table shows all enemies and their scores. The ones marked with a * sign were created for this game; the ones without the mark appear in the Sailor Moon anime. Each missed bullet gives minus 3 point. If you die during the first level, your score will be set back to 0. If you die on any other level, your score will be set to amount you had at the beginning of the level. You can send your score to online ranking each time Sailor V is defeated.
    dragon (green) 10 hopper (green)* 25 vampire* 50
    dragon (white)* 30 strider (blue) 20 vampire (naked)* 40
    dragon (brown)* 50 strider (violet)* 25 vampire lord* 180
    snake (pink) 10 super demon (blue) 150 spider (black&yellow) 30
    snake (yellow)* 25 sup.demon (yellow)* 200 spider (grey)* 60
    demon 200 pterodactyl (blue) 10 bat* 15
    gangster 150 pterodactyl (green)* 25 bat (red-eyed)* 35
    hopper (violet) 10 pterodactyl (red)* 80    

    The following table shows high scores gained in the actual Sailor V game (in anime&manga). As far as it was shown to us, the topmost position is held by Ami Mizuno.
    Ami Mizuno 111130 SM manga NCE vol.1 page 61
    Ami Mizuno 100020 SM anime episode 08
    h. m 57300 SM manga NCE vol.1 page 61
    S. T. 48536 SM manga NCE vol.1 page 61
    K. Y. 33304 SM manga NCE vol.1 page 61
    k. k. 25700 SM manga NCE vol.1 page 61
    Usagi Tsukino 25060 SM anime episode 31
    Makoto Kino 25060 SM anime episode 29
    Usagi Tsukino 6850 SM anime episode 31

    Go to ranking section to view the current high scores or go to download section to download Sailor V game 1.2. Itís all for free!