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    Name: Maraviollantes
    Birth date: February 24, 1982
    Gender: male
    Location: Russia
    Occupation: moonie
    Phone: don't call me, I'm probably watching Sailor Moon.
    Hobbies: eating and sleeping (my heroine is Usagi, after all ^_^)
    Religion: Sailor Moon [ Symbol of Faith ] [other sacred texts are to be written as yet]
    My Sailor Moon collection (as on January, 2008):



    This website is dedicated primarily to one of my favorite aspects of Sailor Moon Universe - Sailor Moon video games. is online since December 30, 2005. Back then there was nothing but Sailor V game itself (developed by me and RAMMAR) and high scores table for it. Afterwards I started to research into all existing Sailor Moon video games and write articles about them.

    If you know something about other official or fan made Sailor Moon games (or Sailor Moon game models, expansions/additions to existing games), not present at this site as yet, I would be thankful for any information provided. Please email me or post a message on the forum.

    The forums I currently participate in (apart from ) are:

    So if you want, you can find me on these forums. Also, if you want to talk about anything Sailor Moon, I would be glad to receive your letter.

    Before October 20, 2006, this site had a guestbook and from Oct 20, 2006 until Apr 15, 2007 - message board. You can read archived guestbook and message board by clicking "g.b. archive" and "m.b. archive" links on the left respectively.

    All site materials (games, video files, screenshots, scans, information, etc.) are completely free for further usage and distribution. If you want to use any stuff from here at your own site, please, upload it to your website and do not direct link any files from If you want to give a link to, please give link to htm (html) - pages and not directly to files.

    Redistribution of games/any other materials from this site on commercial basis is explicitly forbidden. Only developers/copyright holders of Sailor Moon video games have rights to sell them and not anyone else. I am appealing even not so much to the laws, but to human conscience. Due to my acquaintance with many people who created Sailor Moon fan games and from my own experience I am well aware of fantastic amount of work and patience that stands behind the creation of even a simple game. Please, have a bit of deference to other people's work and beliefs, even if you believe in money only.